How Do I Get GSTIN For Small Business?

How Do I Get GSTIN For Small Business?

How Do I Get GSTIN For Small Business?

GST or Goods and Services Tax has brought about a revolution in the way taxes have been calculated and paid in the country in the past. Under the previous tax regime, taxes and registration numbers were separate to the state and the center. But with the introduction of GST, these processes and taxes have all come under one umbrella, making taxpayers’ work easier.

To be part of this process, individual businesses must obtain a GST Identification number or GSTIN.

Under the GST rule, every business providing goods and services with a turnover of more than Rs 20 lakhs is required to be registered as a normal tax payer. This registration is important, this is because only a registered business can benefit from a seamless flow of input tax credit on their raw material purchases.

How to apply for GSTIN number in India

The registration process for GST Identification Number is very simple. You can apply directly through GST Common Portal or a facility center called as Suvidha Kendra.

If you have more than one business in the same state or multiple states, you can file for more than one application.

How to get a GSTIN

  1. Log on to on the GST online portal
  2. Now go to ‘Register Now’ section. Fill up Part A of the application with your name, e-mail ID and your mobile number there
  3. The portal will verify your details, in any case, by sending an OTP to your mobile and email
  4. When the verification process is completed, you will receive an Application Reference Number, ARN, by mobile or email.
  5. Now you need to fill Part-B of the application using the ARN. You will need the following documents when filling out this phase:
  • Photographs
  • Constitution of taxpayer
  • Proof/proofs of place of business
  • Bank account details
  • Authorisation form
  1. Fill up all the information, upload all the required documents in the application and submit the application using DSC or Aadhaar OTP.

The GST officer verify your application within 3 working days. Either the officer will approve your application, in this case you will receive your Registration certificate Form GST-REG-06, or the officer will ask you for more information using the form GST-REG-03.

If additional details are requested, you must provide them within 7 working days. Once the details are provided, the officer can reject the application in the GST-REG-05 form giving the reasons. If the GST registration officer is satisfied with the details provided by you, the application will be processed. You will also get a Certificate of Registration.