Long live vanilla visa card

Long live vanilla visa card

Long live vanilla visa card

Summer is a time to go out and enjoy both the beach and the fairs and parties that are held in Mallorca. But, also, it is a good time to give and give yourself. And it is that only in summer you can wear items as varied as original towels, beach or pool mats, watches that combine with a darker look or appliances to make ice cream or slush.


If there is a product that has been in fashion for a long time, it is smoothies, those creamy fruit smoothies generally made from chunks and juices, concentrated or frozen, usually mixed with dairy, ice or ice cream.

This drink that causes a furor in many places can also be prepared at home, either with a blender or using one of the many appliances that are sold in stores today.


For lovers of nature, summer and, above all, vacations allow them to enjoy their time outdoors. That is why the number of campers who, camping on the shoulder, ventures to spend the night outdoors is increasing.

But not everyone chooses to take shelter in the typical stores, instead they seek to sleep under an original tent that simulates a train or a van, or that have various spaces that make it a small home.


One of the gifts that never goes out of style is wrist watches. Although it is true that with the arrival of the mobile phone they are more expendable, they continue to set trends and look better than ever in summer thanks to the brown skin.

The great variety that exists allows a watch to be found for each person, although in summer the chronometer watch is one of the most viewed options among athletes. Another summer trend is dress watches among those who want to go perfectly together to enjoy the night.


Who has never taken a mat to the beach or the pool? But beyond those sold in souvenir shops, there is a wide variety of original options with which to surprise.

From those that are shaped like a slice of pizza, watermelon, or bitten donut to those of well-known characters on film and television or those that allow several people to sit down to play, for example, mus.


What is also not missing in beaches and pools are towels. Another typical product that, beyond the classics, lets the manufacturers’ imagination run wild. For this reason, on the Internet and giants like Amazon, there are a large number of models among which it is possible to find one that suits the personality of each one.

Beyond the typical rectangular ones with some pattern, there are circular ones, folding with headrest, with hole for the umbrella or even with a Twister included. And if you cant buy do it through a my vanilla card balance card, or gift the card itself.