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Golden rules to invest in crypto currencies and the Best Platform

Earning money with crypto currencies is not easy. Drawing up the plan, and sealing a investment is some of a advice offered by experts in the sector consulted by the Royal C Bank. Advice that will be useless if the user does not understand the concept of crypto currency.

  1. Draw a plan

Investing is not an adventure. You have to plan every detail for trading bitcoin for profit. Have a strategy and stick to it. Experts call it “defining the time horizon”. In this sense it is not worth to buy bitcoin in a week. If the time horizon is short term, so it must remain so. It is not worth changing it as an immunization measure. You have to stick to the plan and enter the market with very clear objectives. read more

The Finer Aspects of Crypto Trading

Ethereum (ETH) jumped on May 30 and reached the resistance close of $ 300 to $ 322. As expected, it is turned around and dished in the 20-day EMA. The bulls are currently trying to keep the price above the 20-day EMA. In case of success, different augmentation of the air resistance strap is likely. This is the best option with Royal C Bank also.

The Finer Aspects of Crypto Trading


Although the two moving averages increase and the RSI is in the positive corset, the negative divergence on the RSI gives a warning signal.

A 20-day EMA breakdown down the ETH / USD pair to 225.39 USD. If this support also breaks down, the fall can extend to the 50-day SMA. We do not detect an uptrend at current levels. read more