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England 2-1 Mexico Highlights 2020 Women World C

England girls group go back to winning ways as they defeated Mexico in their second group game of the world cup that places them in a position to qualify for the knockout stage that is next. England when Kirby made it 1-0 to get England was was followed by another goal from Karen Carney to put England 2-0 up scored in 71st minute ahead. When a goal at the 90th minute from Fabiola Ibarra made the trauma time hard for England, However, England girl’s team made life tougher. Mexico drew 1-1 from Colombia in their opening a triumph for Mexico combined with France beating Colombia will place England’s chances of qualifying at massive risk to match phases truc tiep bong da hd. England girls team supervisor Mark Sampson, states he is creating a mindset in girls group where winning is far more important than simply entertaining. Last time both teams match in the world cup was straight again back in Germany in 2011 world cup where England was held by Mexico to a 1-1 draw even though England had more talk of the ball. read more